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There stood a little lighthouse in the middle
of the sea on top of the rocks.
The Best Office Furniture You've
Probably Never Heard Of
Why autumn leaves turn red?
It's not easy being red!

Internet Marketing Defined

Internet Marketing absolute necessity in order to keep your business from failing. Without a focused digital presence companies can no longer effectively market their business. Consider when was the last time you looked at a phone book? The decision makers as well as the support staff in a company must all be “on-board” and understand...




Our Mission and Our Goal is Internet Marketing Excellence


Above all, it's important for us to be a valuable asset to the Internet Marketing community.


By establishing a center for growth and prosperity there is now a meeting place for our clients and partners.

Our Company is at your service.




In order to maximize the success of our members.

Internet Visions Defined is THE global community of business builders providing cutting edge,
market tested business and marketing mentor-ship, ideas, solutions, products and support.
A business resource for internet marketers, surrounded by business experts and a network of
similar minded entrepreneurs on connected life and business journeys.



FrontCover-jpeg Three years in writing and publishing brings to you this amazing, step by step, guide to establishing your on-line business.


Mobile Marketing



Yes, this is a real word. It's a name for a growing condition, Nomophobia.  This term for the fear of not having a mobile phone is growing. ("no mobile phobia"). Note how important the mobile device is to its users. This is a huge wake up call to your "mobile ready" marketing efforts.


Testing your web site and landing pages is what you need to be doing right now,


There is a list of free tools and resources you will find on the Learning Center tab drop down on the menu bar above.