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A publisher is an individual (You) or company that promotes an advertiser’s product or service in exchange for earning a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is an acquired skill.

Do not be fooled by some system seller showing you screenshots of large deposits into their affiliate accounts. They promise to show you how to do the same thing for 47 bucks. Give me a break here folks, just think about that, if you had a method to earn large one day commissions, would you sell it? Not on your life.

Affiliate Marketing is a proven way to earn commissions, and often, recurring commissions that can run for several months or even several years.

Most first time affiliate marketers make the mistake of attempting to much with to little. Here at Internet Visions Defined we strongly advise on focusing on a few products that you can become an expert on. It is always good to start with products that you are very familiar with.

Keep in mind that you are the middleman in a chain of value, so you have to bring something credible to the table. This is done by creating content that appeals to your target niche.

There are 2 big networks "Affiliate by Conversant" (formally Commission Junction) and "ShareASale". These are a good starting points to get yourself in the game.

When you build out your own list, you can also work through ebay Partner Network and Amazon Associates.

Clickbank is the #1 if you are promoting digital products.

The knowledge of what to promote as an affiliate is important. What is even more important is learning what NOT to promote. In our modules in the members area, you will learn, step by step, with no steps missing, on the when, where, what and why of real affiliate marketing.

You are invited to come and learn with the real professionals in the Affiliate Marketing business, and we promise not to make you a 47 buck millionaire overnight.


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