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A publisher is an individual (You) or company that promotes an advertiser’s product or service in exchange for earning a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is an acquired skill.

Upload Your Pins Via Your Website, Not From Your Computer.
The connection between your Pin and its source link is the most valuable resource of your marketing efforts on Pinterest.
Each and every time you upload a Pin from your website, you’re generating a link back to your website from a high authority source.
In addition, even when someone re-pins your Pin, the link back to your website will remain as the source of the Pin.
Choose The Relevant Category For Your Pins. Adding a Pin to an irrelevant category is not only a bad practice that does not reach the right target market, it can also make the Pin appear untrustworthy and spammy.


There are 2 big networks “Affiliate by Conversant” (formally Commission Junction) and “ShareASale”. These are a good starting points to get yourself in the game.

When you build out your own list, you can also work through ebay Partner Network and Amazon Associates.

Clickbank is the #1 if you are promoting digital products.

The knowledge of what to promote as an affiliate is important. What is even more important is learning what NOT to promote. In our modules in the members area, you will learn, step by step, with no steps missing, on the when, where, what and why of real affiliate marketing.

You are invited to come and learn with the real professionals in the Affiliate Marketing business, and we promise not to make you a 47 buck millionaire overnight.

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