Viral Marketing


Create The Initial Launch Plan For Your Marketing Campaign

HOW you promote your content is just as important as WHAT it is. Even the best and cleverest idea won’t go viral if it’s only shared on your website and blog.

If you want to gain worldwide (or at least national) recognition, you must launch the campaign through every possible medium.

Knowledge of your target audience is necessary as you must focus on the channels these people use.

After you determine the best channels, you need to create the content that becomes something they NEED to know.

Your audience is trying to solve a problem, you need to give them the solution.

Your target must see what they were searching for as soon as they land on your site.

Assess Marketing Communication Opportunities

It’s important in this first step to examine and understand the needs of your target market.

Who is your message going out to? Current users, influencers among individuals, decision-makers, groups, or the general public?

Always be willing to increase your reach to other mediums, (PPC) as long as you have established a budget.

Social media is the best route for going viral as sharing there is easy and billions of users assess their accounts several times a day.

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