Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a totally image-centric social network

“Before we dive into more advanced Pinterest strategies, let’s start with the basics for successful business use.”

Building a strong presence on Pinterest requires the following steps:

  1. Upload Your Pins Via Your Website, Not From Your Computer.
  2. The connection between your Pin and its source link is the most valuable resource of your marketing efforts on Pinterest.
  3. Each and every time you upload a Pin from your website, you’re generating a link back to your website from a high authority source.
  4. In addition, even when someone re-pins your Pin, the link back to your website will remain as the source of the Pin.
  5. Choose The Relevant Category For Your Pins. Adding a Pin to an irrelevant category is not only a bad practice that does not reach the right target market, it can also make the Pin appear untrustworthy and spammy.
  6. Verify Your Website Or Blog. Verifying your website or blog on your Pinterest account helps your business in two ways:
  7. It signifies to Pinterest users that you own the content pinned from your website, and it gives you access to Pinterest Analytics.
  8. Once verified, your visitors will see a checkmark next to your business name.

Most Internet marketers do not know that the same recommended search engine optimization (SEO) strategies also apply to Pinterest, with the added benefit of the links.

Your boards and Pins indexed externally by search engines, but Pinterest also indexes its own content to feed its internal search.

Below, I’ve outlined five of the best Pinterest strategies that will help drive more traffic to your website by making your content easier to find, both on and off Pinterest.

  1. Optimize Your Boards.
  2. Optimize Pin Description.
  3. Use rich pins.
  4. Increase relevant engagement.
  5. Install your “Pin it” buttons.

Inside our members area you will find in-depth guides and tutorials that we accelerate your Pinterest marketing efforts tenfold.

We go into great detail on how to do your keyword research for Pinterest and how to optimize all your pins.

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