Seo For Search

Seo For Search

When customers search you need to be in their sight line.

  • What do your targeted users see?

    You must fully understand the subject and context of their search.
    The visitor must see exactly what they were searching for the moment your on-site page opens.

  • How will prospects and customers find you?

    You will have to plot how to find the sources that drive users to your site.
    You accomplish this by using behavioral data and analytics that you will find in Google Analytics.

  • What should you offer users?

    You must identify an optimal offer that is based upon user intent and behavior.
    The offer must be irresistible and valuable.
    The offer must be highly relevant to the search term that the visitor used to get to your page.

  • You now have to design your site for mobile users

    Use the mobile friendly testing tool that Google provides.
    Enter your site name (URL) and you will see the results of your mobile readiness.
    There is a full module in the Members Area that walks you through the process to make sure your site will be indexed by Google for your mobile application.

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