The Rule of “7”

Rule of 7 in the Digital Age

The rule of “7” is that your potential clients need to see your content 7 times before they really notice it and take action on it.

Social media crushes old school marketing by expertly leveraging a medium that touches customers regularly.

Social media affords sellers the opportunity to converse with the customer often 7 times every day! It’s accomplished by sharing content and interacting with customers and prospects. You earn the right to convert some fans into customers.

Strategy is Key.

Social media (and all digital marketing) takes thoughtful content strategy to engage customers at every level of the buying process, including both those not in-market yet and those who have already bought.

Old school marketing messages won’t cut it. Without meaning, they are lost in the cacophony of content in your customers’ lives.

Socially-savvy companies publish marketing messages that come in the form of useful content that delights their intended audience. These messages tell stories that create an emotional connection.

Selling your info products on the world’s largest marketplace

Hello Again!

If you create and sell information products such as books,
reports, or even online courses, then you really should
consider self publishing through Amazon’s KDP system.

Not only will you be able to get started absolutely free,
but if you write in hot markets you won’t even have to invest
a dime in marketing as Amazon will do that for you just by
featuring your product within their digital marketplace.

Amazon KDP has been responsible for the success of
countless authors and digital content producers. Apart from
their incredible outreach, they’ve made is very easy for
anyone to start publishing and selling their info products

Take a look through the best selling products in your chosen
categories including self-help, gardening, cooking, weight
loss and other hot niche markets. Or, if you write information
products for business owners and entrepreneurs, check out
their “online business” categories to see what kind of
digital products are selling. Then, you can find a way
into the market by creating a similar product but a higher
quality edition!

The only thing to keep in mind is that Amazon’s KDP system is
a bit strict in terms of the type of content you can sell.

For example, you can sell any sort of custom, original content
that you have full rights to (or licensing rights to), but that
content can’t be white label or private label material.

In other words, the content you publish via KDP can’t be
published by other KDP account holders. Amazon only allows
content to be published in one account.

Check it out at

Create an account, browse the different options, configure
your payment type and get going! It’s that easy.

Better yet, with Amazon self publishing, you don’t even
need a website or domain of your own in order to get
started. Then you can branch out by creating a website
where you can feature other digital products, use a powerful
system like and make even more money!

Tomorrow, we’ll touch down on one easy way to start selling
both digital and physical products through a third-party
website that literally does everything for you. You don’t
want to miss the next email!

Rich & Marty