Training Series # 12

Generating a Traffic Blitz to Your Site

Training Series # 12


You’ve likely heard about the power of viral sharing. When enough people share content and it goes viral, the traffic is virtually unstoppable.

And it’s targeted, FREE traffic!

When you inject viral sharing into your sales copy or funnel, you’ll immediately maximize exposure with very little work involved. Instead of spending hours setting up traffic campaigns and ads on social media networks, you motivate your visitors into doing all the work for you!

I’m going to show you exactly how to set up a viral sharing platform that’ll drive steady traffic to your website and how to best convert that traffic into sales.

Are you ready to get started?

Let’s begin!

The Friend vs a Stranger

So many marketers and online businesses spend months working on advertising campaigns in the hope of going viral.

Just say the word “viral traffic” around these people and watch their eyes light up! Do you know why? Because they understand the power of a viral marketing campaign.

It can be absolutely life-changing. One Internet Visions Defined viral campaign could transform your business in a way that no other advertising platform ever could. And once it goes viral, that one campaign will continue to send a tidal wave of traffic to your website for months, even years to come.

And here’s the truth about viral traffic – it’s not just any old traffic, it’s highly targeted, word-of-mouth traffic. There is no higher quality traffic than that.

Do you know why?

Because the visitors you get have been sent there by a friend, family member or someone that the visitor knows and respects in some capacity.

The traffic isn’t based on your ability to earn trust, that part has already been done for you. You are simply capitalizing on the trust of someone else!

Traditional traffic is like opening the door to a salesman standing on your walkway. You don’t know this guy so instantly you’re on guard.

You don’t know if you want what he’s offering. You are cautious, and likely to say “no, thanks” before closing the door. No one likes being sold to and when we don’t have a relationship with that person, it takes more work to convince us to place that order.

Does that sound like you? Yeah, it’s most of us.

But viral traffic comes from a very different source. Rather than a stranger standing at your front door trying to sell you something, you open the door to find a friend that you trust. That friend is recommending a product or service that they recently used and love.

And no other advertising trumps a personal recommendation from a friend.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

There is nothing better than word-of-mouth viral traffic.

But here’s the cold hard truth…

It’s not easy to create a campaign that will go viral if you don’t know the inner workings of a tried-and-true system.

Sure, you can create insanely good content, build blogs that are updated regularly, create a series of videos and upload them to YouTube, and even create infographics and mind maps in the hope that people will share them enough to generate some traffic to your site.

But, how many of these things will truly be share-worthy?

No one is going to be inspired to share decent content or mundane copy. Few people are ever going to share sales pages or landing pages unless you have something incredible to offer. And few people are going to want to share videos or infographics if all they do it try to sell something.

No, you need to do something different – something that is not only guaranteed to be effective, but it’ll also make it easy for you to harness the traffic you get from your viral campaign and funnel it into the places that matter.

So, what are you going to do?

You’re going to bribe ‘em. 😉

Creating An Irrisistable Bribe

If you want to stand out in your market and get those sign ups and sales, while encouraging people to share your information with their friends, family and social circles, you need to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Thankfully, this is easy to do. You just need to come up with something that people in your market are eager to get their hands on, and give it to them!

So, think:

  • What are people currently paying for in your niche?
  • What are people asking about?
  • What kind of content does your market want?

Find out and then offer them something similar for free.

It’s that easy. If people in your market are actively paying for the same type of product that you are offering for free, they’d be insane not to take you up on your offer. And better yet, they’re going to want to share that offer with other people they know within the market because it makes them look good!

What kind of things could you offer?

A coupon that dramatically reduces the price on a high-ticket item.
– You need to make sure that you’re offering a massive discount that stop people in their tracks. If you regularly price a product at $97, consider setting up a coupon that gives it to them for $5.

Low cost, front end products are a great way to get massive amounts of people into your sales funnel where you’re able to sell them on higher-priced products as they move through the sales process.

Plus, it’s a great way to get people’s attention. Everyone loves a great bargain. Just look at sites like and you’ll see how successful coupon and discount sharing networks are.

A contest targeted to your market
– Build excitement easily while encouraging people to spread the word by running a short-term contest. You can use software to randomly choose a winner and if you make your gift reward a digital product or e-gift certificate, you won’t have to worry about shipping anything out.

A viral giveaway
– Make everyone a winner! Giveaways are a popular way of generating traffic, reaching new customers and spreading the word about your business. In fact, giveaways are a common marketing tool used in just about every industry online!

Think about it: Authors give books away using sites like Instafreebie, and Internet Marketer’s run giveaways for digital products all the time. And now it’s your turn to take advantage of this powerful tactic to maximize exposure.

Creating Share-Worthy Content

If you want to maximize your viral sharing campaign’s exposure, you need to make sure that your content is “share-worthy”.

Viral content relies on two things:

The content is worthy of being shared.

The content is shared widely enough to take on a life of its own. It circulates within social networks and the traffic continues to grow.

You need your content to be well received and widely shared in order your campaign to take off and go viral.

So, how can you create share-worthy content that will get the attention it deserves?

It’s important to understand the reasons we share in the first place so that you can craft an offer that hits on one of these important points.

We share because:

We find the content funny.
Just look at the trending videos on YouTube and you’ll always find a handful of videos in the comedy genre.

From Jokers Updates to prankster YouTubers who have created a massive audience who love watching their antics.

We feel emotionally connected.
Content that has an emotional impact on us, whether positively or negatively, is something we’ll feel inspired to share.

It’s natural to want to share this type of content because it allows us to reach out and connect with others who may feel the same emotional triggers.

We are stopped dead in our tracks.
If you see a video, article, or other piece of content that just seems unbelievable or shocking in some way (either in value or in context), you’ll want to share it with others.

If it stops you in your tracks, you won’t be able to resist sharing it with everyone you know. Whether it’s a dramatic piece or just something incredibly interesting, you’re going to be motivated to spread the word.

It’s provocative.
Content that is deemed controversial or risqué is something that can easily go viral, especially if it offers a different point of view or perspective from mainstream media.

Just make sure that it’s SFW (safe for work) so that people aren’t afraid to share it while at the office.

It adds sunshine to a dreary day.
There are times where we can all use a bit of a distraction from the stress of life and so it’s no surprise that inspirational memes, positive-thinking sentiments and just heartwarming reminders to look at the brighter side of life, are always popular within social communities.

Keep this is mind when creating your viral sharing offer, and try to work towards implementing at least one of these share-worthy components into your campaign.

Always stay on point when selecting or creating an offer you want to go viral. So, say that your marketing niche’ is to prospective clients that own or train parrots. You need to have content that appeals to this group.

At there is a full training module on how to laser focus on your marketing niche’, and presents you with all the tools necessary to capture your market.

How to Build a Viral Rewards Platform

Building a viral rewards platform only takes a few minutes of your time so there’s really no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity to maximize your traffic and exposure.

To simplify and speed up the process of building a viral rewards program, I recommend using an online service like as they’ll guide you through every step of the way.

Here’s a quick overview of what exactly PerkZilla is and why I highly recommend it to my readers:

Perkzilla is a viral rewards platform where you can quickly and easily setup refer-a-friend style giveaways, sweepstakes, and product launches.
You could use a program like PerkZilla to:

  • build excitement with launch campaigns for new products, features or services
  • run viral contests and giveaways to engage and grow existing audiences
  • collect email addresses in exchange for an opt-in bribe, digital download or coupon
  • grow a fan list before starting a PerkZilla campaign
  • collect signups at an event or in-store with a dedicated signup tablet
  • manage multiple campaigns in one account

Also, PerkZilla is Cloud-based Software so there is nothing to download or install. You can use any web browser! It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!
You can create your account at:

Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll find everything you need right in your user dashboard. It should only take a few minutes for you to set up your first giveaway, coupon or content.

Another great thing about a program like PerkZilla is that you’ll actively build your list as people share your reward.

Different platforms integrate with various mailing list providers, so you’ll want to make sure to choose a system that works with your list.

PerkZilla is one of a few programs that offers the ability to connect with some of the most popular mailing list service providers, including GetResponse,, and even MailChimp.

Viral rewards programs are so powerful because they not only generate traffic to your website, but they also build brand awareness because your company is now in the forefront of people’s minds as your campaign continues to be shared throughout your market.

In addition, you’re able to easily build a mailing list as every single person that’s referred to your viral sharing campaign is added to your mailing list!

So, to recap (and because I want you to get really excited about this incredible opportunity to generate unlimited traffic to your website with almost zero effort involved):

With a viral sharing offer of your own, you will be able to:

  • Sell more products and boost conversions using the power of Word of Mouth marketing. (Nothing beats that!)
  • Generate unlimited 100% free social media powered traffic.
  • Get a new website or blog off the ground by instantly flooding it with fresh traffic.
  • Build a newsletter of active subscribers on complete auto-pilot.
  • Establish brand authority while maximizing your exposure, all at no cost to you.
  • And much more. 


I want you to think outside the box. Literally. Get creative with your viral sharing strategy, and offer something new that your customers and website visitors haven’t seen before.

Create an amazing viral sharing opportunity that people can’t wait to share with others and capitalize on what happens when you build excitement, and actively engage with your audience.

Give your audience something worth sharing!

Use a website like to quickly set up your viral sharing offers and start building your list as people continue to spread the word and funnel traffic to your website.

Viral sharing is one of the most cost effective methods of generating fresh, targeted traffic to your website and squeeze pages, so make sure you work on building up your autoresponder sequences so that you are consistently reaching out to your subscribers.

And speaking of which, make sure that you don’t bombard your subscribers with endless offers, especially when they are new to your mailing list.

Create a good balance of high quality offers with a fresh supply of valuable content so that you’re able to establish a relationship with your subscriber base, while building trust. This will make it so much easier to turn those subscribers into loyal customers.

Once your viral sharing campaign goes live, others will carry the message to their social circles while you focus on turning those new subscribers into loyal customers through back-end offers, communicating through your newsletter and providing value through high-quality content.

So, get the upfront work done now and then sit back and enjoy the many benefits of a word-of-mouth viral campaign!

I wish you the very best of success!


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If you write or sell books, you can use Instafreebie to deliver review copies or run a simple giveaway. Fully customizable. You can set start and end dates, as well as the number of copies offered.


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