Training Series # 18

Make Money On-Line

Positive Action Plan

Training Series # 18


The internet has indeed supplied individuals with infinite chances to be amused, be informed and first and foremost, to earn extra cash. Due to the streaming lucrative opportunities one may find online, a call for the quickest ways to do so has swamped the minds of a lot of individuals.
This book provides you with the particular steps to bringing in steady income via the internet.
“Internet Marketing Defined” will teach you how you are able to become the boss of your own destiny as you work on your very own business. Available on Amazon.

Make Money Online Positive Action Plan

To Cash In On The Net With A Proven Blueprint.

Decide Your Niche

Make Money Online Positive Action Plan

When you select your niche, make sure that you choose one that you know about, you like, and are interested in. It’s absolutely counterproductive to work with something that you don’t like. It’s rather difficult to convince customers to buy your product or service when you yourself don’t have the heart to take interest in it.

Allow me to frame a perfect example of a “how to do it,” as lived through the example of Internet Visions Defined co-founder Marty Saposnick

Marty has been a devoted student of Tai Chi for the past 5 decades, and he has trained under the tutelage of one of the most renowned Grand Masters of the art, William C.C. Chen.

During the past 2 years Marty has been sharing his knowledge, in depth and detail throughout the internet. He often contributes to Twitter, Quora, Facebook, Facebook Groups about Tai Chi, Blogs, and Articles.

He has gained worldwide recognition as one of the very finest and most knowledgeable teachers of Tai Chi in the world. He is known as @TaiChiMentor.

Marty has never sold or even attempted to sell one single product related to Tai Chi.

What Marty has done, is established himself as a “Brand”.

He has become the “go to” guy for expert advice in the Tai Chi world.

Please believe that this niche has an extremely devoted and loyal base of potential clients that span the world. They all have come to know him and trust him; he receives feedback, and likes and shares for all his published works on social media, groups, articles, blogs, Pinterest, Quora and much more.

So, you ask, how did he benefit from doing all the work to establish himself with the brand “TaiChiMentor”.

When Marty publishes his new book “The Anatomy of Tai Chi” at the end of this year, there will be his well-established” Niche Audience“ from all over the world, racing to their keyboards to purchase this information product that cannot be found anywhere else.

He already has his sales funnel well established, and he will readily share with all members of our community the profit opportunities that flow along with it.

Figure 1 Marty and William C.C. Chen in 1984


The opening move to selecting a niche that’s correct for you is to consider the issues and subject matter that you’re most passionate about! By being passionate about a certain matter, you’ll be motivated to learn more about it, teach other people about it, and work in it on a daily basis. Among the basic issues of failure are caused when someone selects the wrong niche. Often it’s a choice made because they think other people will have an interested in the niche. It’s too bad and becomes a “doomed to failure” effort, when they plainly have no interest in the niche themselves. Prevent this downfall right from the beginning and make certain that the content you pick comes from a niche that you have a great interest in!

While learning how to pick your niche, it’s crucial to ensure that you’ve a great idea of your “target” audience. By discovering whose best suited as your audience, you’ll be able to supply content that will meet their requirements. It’s important to focus your information that’s relevant to their interests. It’s equally crucial to guarantee that you share their interests. Make sure that you cover every facet of this specific niche. Only when you relate on a personal level with the other people that are in the same niche will you succeed.

Next use content that’s uniquely yours. Exclusive material that you write, curate, or have composed by ghost writers, who produce professional SEO content. When you are sensitive to the Search Engines it will help to demonstrate that you as an authority in your niche. Ensure that your material can’t be located anyplace else on the internet. This will immediately drive traffic to your site as you’ll be providing visitors something fresh and unique. There are a lot of companies out there nowadays that can offer you unparalleled content.

When you begin to put up material on your site, in article directories, or any additional location on the internet that’s directly related to your niche, it’s crucial to provide steady updates. This will keep your audience returning time and time again so that they might see the “latest” insights that you have to provide! This means your fresh blogs, articles, ebooks, participation in social networks, will keep your site visible to the search engines. It’s also important to tailor your niche content according to the latest trends.

It’s imperative to narrow your content as much as possible. For instance, if you run a site on computer game cheat codes, you’ll want to incorporate “computer game cheat codes” into your material. Note that your niche should be specialized to the type of computer “game cheat codes” that you provide. A good niche could be titled: “The Sims Cheat Codes.” This will help establish visibility to the niche and interested internet users will discover the material that they require fast!

It’s simple to learn how to pick your niche. The mystery to being successful is to:

  • pick a subject that you’re passionate about,
  • identify your audience,
  • produce high quality,
  • build visibility with SEO structured content,
  • update your material on a steady basis, and
  • utilize keywords and keyword phrases

All of these factors will reflect what your internet audience will look for.

Select A Money Making Niche

Hot Topics

As a marketer, you’ve probably experienced many times that you just don’t know what to write on. Maybe you’ve exhausted your common subjects and are looking for something different that will attract readers. This chapter will offer some hints that point you in the right direction and guide you to a few hot article topics. By applying these easy ideas, you’ll be able to step-up your views, fascinate your audience, and ensure that your material brings in a constant stream of income.

Write about an approaching holiday. General audiences are commonly interested in information relating to holidays. If the content is well written and furnishes new insights that differs from the usual basic knowledge, you should see a good amount of views. Interests will fizzle after the holiday has blown over, but will recover momentum, once another holiday approaches.

Research up to date events. If the matter is red-hot in the news, it will be red-hot and will be likely to attract readers. Attempt to determine your own voice, and present your data in a way that’s unique to your audience.

Write a report about pets. There are a lot of pet devotees around the world that like reading about their furry champions. Pet care is a great place to begin.

Journal about surroundings. Green is the up to date theme in news these days, and the chances are that it’s here to stay. You are able to write about how persons may “green up” their lives, what fresh alternate fuels are being formulated, or how our environment is bearing upon wildlife. Any subject you decide to write on is likely to attract readers.

Tell individuals how to save income. This is among the most red-hot topics around, and it consistently pulls in viewers. The great thing about this subject is that there are perpetual ways to save revenue, so you should not have a problem making your material unique.

It always makes sense to write about your passion. If you are profoundly interested in an issue, there is a great chance that other people are, as well.

Do not forget to make your article original. Do not overexploit info that is vastly available over the internet. Pick out an easy yet unique title that will rank high on search engines, and draw in fresh readers.
(NOTE: inside, we have a complete tutorial on writing compelling headlines).

Figure 2 What interests you and your readers

Choose An Affiliate Program

After you’ve decided what niche to promote, you are able to then visit free affiliate sites which provide good-quality affiliate products. You must check that these have a great sales page with an elevated conversion rate. You are able to confirm this by getting hold of the creators of your chosen product. Make certain that your product fits with your niche. Ask yourself, if you were the consumer would you purchase the product?

A Product

If you have been on the internet any length of time, then you know that affiliate marketing is an exceedingly lucrative way to earn income online. It’s moderately simple, it may be done with little or no advertising expenses, and an assortment of niches can be researched. Picking out the correct affiliate products to market is critical to your success. Abiding by these easy steps will assist you in making the most beneficial choices.

Put together a list of affiliate products for each one of the niches that are of interest to you.

  • Assess the commission structure of the affiliate plans on your list. Commissions commonly range from five percent to forty percent for palpable merchandise and up to seventy-five percent for digital merchandise.
  • Have a look at the vendor’s payment processes. The more reputable companies will pay you either via check or PayPal. A lot more will even pay you through an affiliate network, who will, in turn, compensate you by check or direct deposit to your chosen financial institution on behalf of the vendor.
  • Have a look at the vendor’s sales page. This is the page that will be looked at by visitors you refer to the parent company. A great sales page will be simple to read and simple to navigate when the buyer is prepared to make a purchase.
  • Check out the marketing competition. Look up relevant keywords in your preferred search engine and check over the sponsored ads. In many instances, there are advertisements produced by other affiliates. If no one is promoting your chosen affiliate products or something like it, then there might be no demand for them in the current market.

Get Free Training

To provide you an overview about marketing, you should join several affiliate marketing and internet marketing forums. It’s free training.

Just do your due diligence when you are in the process of selecting any affiliate programs.

At we have a full review of all of the top affiliate programs that you can access for free. You should take advantage of this, it will save you hours upon hours of individual research.


There are a lot of ways to market by utilizing the internet. There’s email marketing, PPC, banner advertising, utilizing videos, article promotion, doing SEO, blogging, and using social bookmarks, social networking and Web 2.0 properties. There’s so much info out there, it may sometimes get overpowering. One way to focus and understand is to ask individuals who have become successful.

Discover a discussion board that specializes in Internet marketing. These are sites where Internet marketers go to talk about the cutting-edge strategies, to determine what’s working and what isn’t, and to find reviews for the cutting-edge courses and software. Some that you might want to travel to are the Warrior Forum, and .

The Warrior Forum is the oldest of the message boards and has been around since ’96. Many superstars in the industry got their beginning here. It has the threads separated neatly into many different categories, like PPC, ad sense, article promotion, media buys, and so forth, so it’s very simple to discover what you’re seeking. The threads are well moderated and individuals here are commonly respectful and helpful to each other.

Internet forum. A thread is contained in a forum, and may have an associated date that is taken as the date of the last post (options to order threads by other criteria are generally available). When a member posts in a thread it will jump to the top since it is the latest updated thread.

This is an oddity in a lot of forums, where individuals tend to often be rather crude. So it’s a huge plus that you are able to ask a question at the Warrior Forum without the dread of being called names. While the forum itself is free, there are frequently members offering cheap paid training courses of study called WSOs (Warrior Special Offers). Most of them are not worth the paper they are written on. In our weekly newsletter if we see a really worthwhile money maker, we pass it right along to you. is will contain a good discussion board that will regularly be really helpful. It’s organized in a great deal the same way as the Warrior Forum, while it hasn’t been around as long, only receiving its start in 2013. It’s even so well regarded in the Internet marketing profession. It also contains an area for you to be able to outsource work that you don’t wish to do yourself, like programming jobs, article authoring or site design.

It’s a great place to get rolling for those completely fresh to Internet marketing. Everything is set up for the fledglings, and special attention is given to “101 classes”. These may include Niche Marketing 101, Affiliate Marketing 101 and Net Business Management 101. It’s likely to be less daunting to begin here. There are fewer threads, so it’s likely to contain data overload than what you may experience with the other forums.

Make A Site Or Blog

You must produce your own site or blog, where you are able to utilize all your marketing techniques. If you want to maintain a site, be prepared to use a few bucks. It’s a good idea to use quality hosting sites and a blog.

At we have a free tutorial on all the add-ons and plug-ins that you will need to set up your CMS. (Content Management System).

You need to take advantage of this, it will save you days of trying to figure it out. The fees are nominal and you will open the door to a vast range of software. They are called “plugins.”

A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites.

Do It Free

(not recommended)

In 2018 it is crucial to have an internet site if you have a business. Most internet sites commonly have multiple web pages that display info about the owner, product, service or contact. If you are merely setting out to have an internet presence with your business, it is a great idea to construct a business web page. You can even begin a business web page free of charge.

Look for a free web site hosting service online that lets you publish content. Some free of charge services that allow you to begin a web page fast are,, and Have a look through each of their choices and select the services that you like best. The advantage to these services is that they can be used free of charge.

It’s easy to sign on for their service. You need to choose a username, a password, and supply your e-mail address. After you sign on, you will have to pick out a title for your web site. Normally you are able to only register your site name under a sub domain name as you are hosting under their service. For example, if you would like to produce a free of charge web page on and wish to title your pizza pie business, your domain name will be

Pick out a template for your particular business type. You are able to pick from a lot of free templates. For instance, in Weebly you are able to select a design and choose from over thirty different templates. You are able to pick out the category themes ranging from instruction to marriages. You will prefer to pick “Business” for templates that have business conceptions.

Figure 3 A Weebly theme

Produce material about your business and place a link to a product or service you are selling up on your freshly made web page.

Push the publish button. Once you have a business template picked out, informational material, and a product or service to sell, push the publish button. Individuals online will now be able to have a look at your business web page, which you constructed free of charge.

NOTE: We do not recommend using the free hosting services because it will cost you more on the back end then you would pay for a conventional hosting service, and you NEVER own your own site, a bad decision all around.

We have a full article that explains it all on our site.


When you get all set up, you must get used to and learn to enjoy writing. Blogging is the primary way to communicate all the good things about your product with prospective buyers. Moreover, you are able to add an affiliate link in the resource box for your blog. When it’s clicked, your reader will then be automatically redirected to the sales page. If you’ve your own product, then all you require is a simple webpage with an enlightening article about your product.


Authoring a great article that has relevant keywords to your niche included might be very confusing to many online authors. On the other hand, if you wish to bring targeted traffic to your material or web pages, you need to include keywords in your material. This will give you a few great ideas on how to author an article that includes keywords to supercharge your article views or site visits.

You will keep reading associated articles that state to utilize the keyword tool supplied by Google; this is a great tip for web masters and authors. However, how many great keywords do you add to your material per length of article? Perhaps if you focus on satisfying your readers with helpful material, the search engine top-ranking will come on its own. Shoving relevant words in articles is never advocated and it is looked at as “Black Hat” SEO or a spamming article. Attempt the steps here to write a good and helpful article that will be placed well from the words you pick to include in your articles or web pages.

What you should do:

Perform research on Google trends. Discovering what data is searched for is a great idea when attempting to pick out a great article topic to write about. Monkey around with the Google tools and discover related keywords to include in your article(s).

Prevent gorging your whole article with words that you’re trying to get placed high for. This will just hurt your rankings. Author your article freely and aim the conversation or article info in a way to talk to your readers not the search engines.

Include your primary keyword in your beginning and end paragraph. You are able to too include one in your main paragraphs as long as you’re not wedging extra words into your content and articles. If you author a 300-word article, attempt to use your key word 3-4 times, and include one in your title.

Author long and valuable info on your articles. Not only does Google like people friendly material, it likes to find well needed and valuable information to display in search engine results. The more valuable information, the more beneficial the ranking will be. Discover what individuals want to know about in your niche. Explore, research and supply the answers.

Marketing Methods

In increasing your sites traffic, focus and work on 3 kinds of easy methods:
1. social marketing,
2. forum marketing, and
3. article marketing.


As you address social media promoting, begin building up your social network presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora. These are the three most well-situated to setup and most popular social web sites you will currently find. Begin establishing relationships with other people by becoming involved in genuine and real discussion.

In discussion board marketing, you are able to begin by traveling to popular forums that accept topics touching on the problems or solutions that lead to your merchandise. Go to Google and look for “discussion board”. Utilize different keyword phrase related to your niche. Learn to link back to your web site and utilize your signature to state the advantages, that you are able to provide at your web site. Make sure you post your website URL or link to your site.

In the meantime, you should post your articles to the leading article directories for the article promotion. You can and should accomplish it by re-purposing your own blog posts. After a blog post is updated for a couple of days, submit that article to two primary article directories.

Simply make certain you include a mighty beneficial statement in your resource box to link back to your web site. You need to induce the reader to come to your web site with an advantage.

Check our newsletter to find the best sites to post your articles.

Build Your List

To produce a lifelong revenue in the internet marketing business, you have to build up your own list. You might have heard it a lot of times that the “Money is in the list.” Your relationship with that list is important as well.

The List

It does not take you long to learn to use a tool like Aweber, an email marketing service, to frame-up a potent system to build your list. The most beneficial tool is an auto responder like to seize the e-mail addresses of people who come to your site. The wonderful thing about utilizing an auto responder system is that you are able to author a series of e-mail sequences in advance; it’s all set up prior to you getting your first subscriber that joins your list.

It is referred to as “set it and forget it.” When the e-mail sequence is set up, you do not have to fret about it. A few internet marketers have set up the e-mail sequence to communicate with the subscriber base for a year or even longer.

The primary goal is to utilize the e-mail sequence to establish trust with your subscriber base by giving helpful tips and tools that relate to your niche. Do not right away use a hard sell with anything in your beginning e-mail.

You might utilize a strategy called “breath out, breath in”.

That is to hand out useful info in your beginning e-mail, and then in the following e-mail you can contain a sales pitch to get the order in. And keep that cycle working to get your subscriber base to read your e-mail and see your sales pitch or fresh information more naturally.

Wrapping Up

Just like many of you, it’s a natural to attempt to begin to discovering ways to make money from home. Constant research on the net for tips and essentially steps on how to begin an online career is appealing. You don’t necessarily want to leave the security of a job or overlook other crucial events of your life.

Of course there are many training programs available that promise to simplify the seemingly complex techniques of the net world. However, experience has shown us at Internet Visions Defined that if you of “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

We will guide you to experience the success of internet money-making techniques and procedures. Then you can learn and distinguish how you are able to produce income and enjoy an “internet lifestyle” at the same time. Let’s begin now…

Visit us at, and discover what it truly means to “Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself”

Rich and Marty


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